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Company Name:Naasakle Ltd.
Year Founded:2003
Name of Program:
State / Region:Accra
Social Impact:As a producer and supplier of Shea butter and African black soap, Naasakle Ltd. works with women's cooperatives in Northern Ghana that have a membership base of more than 700 women. By sourcing Shea butter from these women's cooperatives, Naasakle has helped "strengthen the [women's] right to access the nuts and improve the economic returns from their labor." Naasakle helps women form cooperative groups and has offered workshops to train women in the most efficient production methods. In working with these women, Naasakle purchases the butter from them, providing additional income that benefits the women and their families. Naasakle's strategy and business model falls directly in line with the Government of Ghana's Poverty Reduction Strategy. From a consumption standpoint, Shea butter is a 100% natural multi-purpose vitamin, which helps relieve dry skin, burns, rashes, and itching among other ailments.
Contact Name:Naasakle Limited
Contact Information:P.O. Box 841, GP, Accra, Ghana
Tel.:+233 20 8189212

Naasakle Ltd.

Naasakle Ltd. was established in 2003 as a producer and distributor of Shea butter and African black soap. Founded by Eugenia Akuete, an accountant in Washington D.C. and a native of Ghana, Naasakle's business model depends on over 700 women in Northern Ghana who produce Shea butter for distribution in global markets. The origins of the business started in 2000, when Akuete began distributing Shea butter samples to friends in the D.C. area and attending workshops and conferences focused on the quality control and chemical properties of Shea butter. Quickly seeing the potential for a Shea butter business, Akuete moved to Ghana a couple of years later to begin operations. Akuete explains that when she started the company she did not do so with the aim of helping women in mind. However, seeing the business opportunity, she went to Northern Ghana where Shea butter nuts were harvested and worked with women who taught her about various processing techniques. This eventually inspired her to try to find a way to build a company that was both a viable business and a way to create additional income for some of Ghana's poorest families. In 2007 Akuete began looking for funding, which came through from the U.S. Africa Development Foundation in 2009. The grant funding is currently being used for capacity building and further training, greater outreach, improved equipment, and a facility for production. Through such production and purchasing of the product from the women producers, Naasakle exports Shea butters, black soaps, and some finished products to wholesalers and retailers in the United States, Canada, and South Africa with a goal of expanding into European and Asian markets. Naasakle was profitable within its first year, and going forward, hopes to raise equity funding in order to have greater control of the entire supply chain and increase production capacity.