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2017 IDEX Global Fellows Program

IDEX Accelerator aims to connect new and thriving enterprises with fresh talent who aspire to work with enterprises to support their mission. Their global fellows work individually with enterprises on a wide range of issues in a variety of positions, including business operations, marketing, research and analysis, program management, product development, and monitoring and evaluation.

For their 2017 Global Fellows Program IDEX is now looking for enterprises to host a fellow.

The program spans over six months aiming to accelerate the skill development of young professionals, enabling them to be more competitive in the evolving economy while also increasing the pool of skilled and experienced talent for social impact employers.

IDEX attracts local and global talent from all corners of the world and places them with social enterprise partners for six months, working full-time to provide support in critical areas of enterprise growth.

IDEX Partners are spread across India and include many of India's leading enterprises and visionary social impact organizations.

Highlights of partnering with IDEX:

Global Applicant Pool
IDEX attracts over 1,700 global college graduates from diverse educational and professional backgrounds who are passionate about working with socially-focused enterprises. Fellows are fluent in English and hold a bachelor's degree at minimum (50% hold post-grad degrees).

Targeted Recruitment, Screening & Matching
Applicants undergo a thorough three-phase interview and evaluation process to cultivate a dynamic pool to candidate's who have obtained a minimum of 1 to 3 years of professional work experience, outstanding accomplishments, domain expertise, and trustworthy referrals. IDEX delivers enterprises a competitive and attractive candidate profile that fits the desired skills and experience the organizations needs.

Growing Partner Network
Past Fellow Host Organizations include: Unitus Capital, Intellecap, Bobajob, mDhil, Social Venture Partners, Indian School Finance Company, One Child One Light, Zaya, Magic Bus India, Sahmita, Gray Matters Ratings and many more have engaged IDEX Fellows as a key component of their talent management strategy to expand capacity in growing areas and diversify their teams with added global perspective.

Application Process:
Apply Online at
Application Deadline - October 15, 2016
Fellowship Start Date - January 2, 2017

For more information you are invited the "Host a Fellow" section on IDEX' website. Questions about partnering with IDEX and the application process can also be directed to to