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UnLtd India - Call for Applications
Claudius Gutemann, UnLtd India - Call for Applications 24 Aug 2018
Changing the Paradigm for Energy Finance and Technology for Women
Claudius Gutemann, Changing the Paradigm for Energy Finance and Technology for Women 10 Aug 2018

Launch of new India Impact Acceleration Program

Unitus Seed Fund is a new $20 million seed-stage investment fund based in Bangalore and Seattle that invests in startups serving large, underserved low-income populations in India. We help startups “prepare for growth” via seed funding, strategic & operating support, providing critical connections, and securing growth capital.
Unitus Seed Fund’s India Impact Acceleration Program (announced in September 2014) intends to improve and accelerate the early-stage impact startup ecosystem across India with a three-part approach:
  • Finding impact entrepreneurs from cities representing all of India by hiring “startup scouts” in 8 or more different cities to meet entrepreneurs and connect them with funding and incubation resources early in their development cycle.
  • Partnering with up to five leading business incubators/accelerators to help create more venture-ready graduates of those incubators, enabling faster time-to-market and more scalability.
  • Deploying Unitus’ growing Catapult Partner and Venture Advisor networks to help businesses thrive, achieving their aspirations for scale, impact, and profitability.