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Can agri-based start-ups transform the rural economy?
Deborah Keller, Can agri-based start-ups transform the rural economy? 04 Jul 2017
Deborah Keller, 04 Jul 2017

Launch of new India Impact Acceleration Program

Unitus Seed Fund is a new $20 million seed-stage investment fund based in Bangalore and Seattle that invests in startups serving large, underserved low-income populations in India. We help startups “prepare for growth” via seed funding, strategic & operating support, providing critical connections, and securing growth capital.
Unitus Seed Fund’s India Impact Acceleration Program (announced in September 2014) intends to improve and accelerate the early-stage impact startup ecosystem across India with a three-part approach:
  • Finding impact entrepreneurs from cities representing all of India by hiring “startup scouts” in 8 or more different cities to meet entrepreneurs and connect them with funding and incubation resources early in their development cycle.
  • Partnering with up to five leading business incubators/accelerators to help create more venture-ready graduates of those incubators, enabling faster time-to-market and more scalability.
  • Deploying Unitus’ growing Catapult Partner and Venture Advisor networks to help businesses thrive, achieving their aspirations for scale, impact, and profitability.