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Can agri-based start-ups transform the rural economy?
Deborah Keller, Can agri-based start-ups transform the rural economy? 04 Jul 2017
Deborah Keller, 04 Jul 2017

Literacy, Not Income, Key To Improving Public Health In India

New research suggests public health in developing countries may be better improved by reducing illiteracy rather than raising average income. Read more »

Artha Venture Challenge Closes with 114 Applications

Applications for The Artha Venture Challenge, a national competition run by the Artha Platform to find the most ambitious, early stage social enterprises in India closed mid-night yesterday (June 17, 2013). Read more »

Four Days to Go in Artha Venture Challenge

With only four days to go until The Artha Venture Challenge NOW is the time to submit your application! Read more »
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HP deploys virtual health platform to help deliver quality psychiatric care in rural India

As part of HP's continued commitment to making healthcare accessible to people living in remote parts of India, HP today announced the availability of a virtual health technology platform that will enable healthcare professionals to virtually conduct specialist psychiatric consultations with patients. Read more »
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Dasra grants $800,000 to six organisations

Strategic philanthropy foundation, Dasra, has announced the $800,000 Impact Economy Innovations Fund (IEIF) grant award to six organisations building the ecosystem for impact investing in India. Read more »
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Sahyog – A Unique Village For Over A 1000 Deserted People

There are several people our society does not accept willingly. The leprosy-affected and the mentally handicapped are some of them. Imagine an entire village dedicated to them, where they can live freely and without prejudice, and receive loving care and attention from dedicated staff. This is what Sahyog Kushtha Yagna Trust in Gujarat attempts to achieve. Read more »
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Investing in the Local Private Sector to Reduce Maternal Mortality in India

Merck for Mothers just launched a three-year, $10 million initiative to tackle maternal mortality in India, where the need is as great as anywhere in the world. Despite recent progress, India still has more maternal deaths than any country in the world – almost a fifth of the global total. Read more »
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Windmill Health joins Villgro incubation portfolio

Villgro has made an equity investment in Windmill Health Technologies and will provide intense mentoring, talent and access to relevant networks, to help the enterprise execute and grow. Read more »
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Anti-diarrhoea vaccine: Why social innovation is the way ahead for Indian healthcare

After nearly 25 years of work involving multi-institution, multi-country collaboration, India last week announced its first locally developed anti-diarrhoea vaccine. Effective against a strain of Rotavirus that causes severe diarrhoea among children under five in India, this vaccine is one of the emerging examples which show how the world in general, and India in particular, needs a different model for developing new therapies. The old model – of pharma companies deciding what and when to develop new drugs – is crumbling. Read more »

'Slum Tourism' for Impact?: Reality Tours couples education and social change

Besides the goal of providing visitors with a deeper understanding of Dharavi, Reality Tours has also dedicated 80 percent of its profits (about 30 percent of gross revenues) for social projects. Most of these resources are used by Reality Gives, a sister organization that performs social projects focused on the community's youth. These include providing classes in art, English, computing, vocational training, skill development and personal health programs. The last stop of the tour took place at the community center built by Reality Gives, where we observed a classroom of 16-year-olds learning English. Read more »