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Meet Unlock Impact's Comms Ninja!
Claudius Gutemann, Meet Unlock Impact's Comms Ninja! 29 Jun 2018
POP-UP INDIA Incubator 2018
Claudius Gutemann, POP-UP INDIA Incubator 2018 29 Jun 2018

Villgro Profile

Villgro Profile Read more »

Villgro Presentation

Villgro Presentation Read more »

Venture South Summary

This is a one page description of Venture Souths lending business Read more »

Venture South Quarterly Report

Venture South Quarterly Report Read more »

Venture South Business Plan

This is a 20 page document explaining in detail how the company is set up and operates. Read more »

Time Out Delhi coverage

Time Out Delhi coverage Read more »

The Solar Cinema Introduction - Feb 2010

This document, 5 pages, gives an overview of The Solar Cinema platform. The document addresses the issue, need, and describes how our model tackles the root cause with innovative solutions to provide long term social impact. Please email Will Muir, if you have any comments or questions. Read more »

The Solar CInema Budget Sept 2010 - August 2012

This budget covers two years of planned budgets for September 2010 until August 2012. We are planning on utilising volunteer support and pro-bono equipment and services which are included in the budget also.\n\nFor more details, or comments and questions, please contact Will Muir, Read more »

The Nature and Type of Social Investors

Acumen Fund Investors. Written by Brian Trelstad, CIO, Acumen Fund - April 2009\n Read more »

The first Kannada PC on Republic Day

Kannada lovers, besides people who wish to uphold their language and culture, can take pride in this development in the technology world-- A Bangalore based scientist and his team has designed India‚Äôs first Kannada/ English computer... Read more »