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Farming as a Service (Bain & Company)
Claudius Gutemann, Farming as a Service (Bain & Company) 15 Mar 2018
Acumen Energy Impact Report 2017
Claudius Gutemann, Acumen Energy Impact Report 2017 28 Feb 2018
Financial Services

India Philanthropy Report 2011

The research has focused only on private donations, not government contributions, because private giving defines philanthropy globally. This ground-level view has provided critical insights into the current state of Indian philanthropy. Read more »

Blended Value and Sustainable Capitalism

A personal reflection by Jed Emerson, December 2009. Read more »

Giving in India: A Guide for Funders & Charities

This report looks at the nature and role of philanthropy in India, and explores ways to increase its impact. By New Philanthropy Capital and Copal Partners, Sept. 2009. Written by Simon Blake, Tara Chand, Nilanjana Dutta, Adrian Fradd, and Gaurav Gupta. Read more »

EUROSIF REPORT: High Net Worth Individuals and Sustainable Investment

Created with the support of SARASIN & Highland Good Steward Management. Distribution Partners include The Private Banking Group of ABBL (the Luxembourg Bankers' Association), Galaxar S.A., and Global Partnership of Family Offices (FOG). 2010. Read more »

Strategic Philanthropy: Five Approaches For Making a Difference

By Foundation Source Press, 2007. A review of "Checkbook Philanthropy", "Responsive Philanthropy", "Venture Philanthropy", "Results-Based Philanthropy", and "Collaborative Philanthropy". Read more »

Viewpoint 2010: What is ahead for Social Investment?

A Report by IJ Partners, 2010. What is next for philanthropy after the great downturn? This edition of Viewpoint looks at what lies ahead over the medium term, and argues that after the recent downward adjustment of financial resources, social investment has become even more attractive. Articles by Max Martin, Arthur Wood, Bill Drayton, Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui, Roland Dominice & the IFC. Read more »

Social Investment Ten Years On

Final Report of the Social Investment Task Force, April 2010. It is now some ten years since the Social Investment Task Force (SITF) first met. The publication of this report marks the completion of the Task Force's mandate. The way ahead is clear and it is now time to set up a dedicated organisation, a Social Investment Initiative, to drive continued development of a powerful, sustainable and effective social investment sector in the UK. Forward by Sir Ronald Cohen. Read more »

Bridges Ventures Social IMPACT Report 2009

Bridges Ventures is an investment company whose commercial expertise is used to deliver both financial returns and social and environmental benefits. Read more »

The Indian M&A Landscape: A Perspective

A KPMG Report on the unprecedented rise in M&A activity in India. 2009. Read more »

India Macroscope: India in 2010 - Ten Trends for this Decade

A Citigroup Global Markets Report on the Indian landscape. With headwinds to consumption, investment and outsourcing now easing, we believe India has the potential to revert to the 8- 9% growth path. By Rohini Malkani and Anushka Shah, January 2010. Read more »