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"Track Your Metrics" - new self reporting tool from Outline India
Claudius Gutemann, "Track Your Metrics" - new self reporting tool from Outline India 12 Sep 2018
Digitizing Rural Value Chains in India (Intellecap)
Claudius Gutemann, Digitizing Rural Value Chains in India (Intellecap) 12 Sep 2018
Health Services and Supplies

The lack of public health research output from India

Systematic assessment of recent health research output from India, and its relation with the estimated disease burden, is not available. This information would help understand the areas in health research that need improvement in India to enhance the health of India's population. Read more »
Energy and Power

Potential of wind power projects under the Clean Development Mechanism in India

So far, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power projects in India is far below their gross potential (. 15%) despite very high level of policy support, tax benefits, long term financing schemes etc., for more than 10 years etc. One of the major barriers is the high costs of investments in these systems. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol provides industrialized countries with an incentive to invest in emission reduction projects in developing countries to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions at lowest cost that also promotes sustainable development in the host country. Wind power projects could be of interest under the CDM because they directly displace greenhouse gas emissions while contributing to sustainable rural development, if developed correctly. Read more »
Financial Services

The Base of Pyramid distribution challenge

Evaluating alternate distribution models of energy products for rural Base of Pyramid in India Read more »

Status of Women in India

A Quick Review of Facts on the Status of Women in India Read more »
Financial Services

India Philanthropy Report 2011

The research has focused only on private donations, not government contributions, because private giving defines philanthropy globally. This ground-level view has provided critical insights into the current state of Indian philanthropy. Read more »
Health Services and Supplies

Causes of neonatal and child mortality in India

Background More than 2ยท3 million children died in India in 2005; however, the major causes of death have not been measured in the country. We investigated the causes of neonatal and child mortality in India and their diff erences by sex and region. Read more »

Zameen Mini Case Study of the Business Model

Zameen Mini Case Study of the Business Model Read more »

Villgro Profile

Villgro Profile Read more »

Villgro Presentation

Villgro Presentation Read more »

Venture South Summary

This is a one page description of Venture Souths lending business Read more »