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The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southeast Asia (GIIN)
Claudius Gutemann, The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southeast Asia (GIIN) 02 Aug 2018
Graymatters Capital - coLABS learning report #1
Claudius Gutemann, Graymatters Capital - coLABS learning report #1 25 Jul 2018

The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southeast Asia (GIIN)

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), in partnership with Intellecap Advisory Services, has published The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southeast Asia, the first-ever detailed analysis of impact investing activity across Southeast Asia. The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southeast Asia provides deep insight into the three most active markets in the region: Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and a broader regional overview of the remaining eight countries, namely Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.

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Equality and Empowerment

Graymatters Capital - coLABS learning report #1

From the foreword:

At GMC coLABS, we rely on the entrepreneurs in whom we invest to educate us on how to be better funders. We aren’t the experts in our portfolio companies’ different regions and sectors; they are. They have much greater knowledge and lived experiences, and they operate in the real world dealing with real challenges every day. As investors, we feel that we have a responsibility to share what we are learning from those we support. Our first report focuses on the customer.

Despite the diversity of our portfolio, we find that most entrepreneurs face some of the same challenges. Our hope is that by sharing what we are learning we can help someone else’s journey to becoming a better investor or a better entrepreneur. We encourage you to share this report with anyone in your network who may find it similarly helpful.

We hope our insights are interesting, and welcome any comments and insights of your own.

The coLABS Team



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POP-UP INDIA Incubator 2018

The POP-UP INDIA Incubator 2018 is now accepting applications for its incubator program to solve business and social challenges in accessibility, affordability and awareness of essential services, managing solid waste and compost valorization.

The early-stage organizations will receive access to Veolia's world-class infrastructure, scaling-up with existing customer base build in last 160 years, mentoring from experienced executives from team of 179,000 employees and networking opportunities for investment and commercialization.

The projects will be selected through a competitive selection process and the top 5 finalists will then go for a 6-week co-creation phase with Veolia and Ennovent. During this phase, start-ups develop plans for creating and testing the minimum viable product or service in Veolia’s value chain.

Visit their website: for more details. Apply now at as the last date for application is 30th June 2018.

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Meet Unlock Impact's Comms Ninja!

One of the challenges that enterprises face is ‘Communications’, which is often seen as a cost head that is needed but not essential. That is until it’s time to fundraise or launch a product or a service or grow your customer base. Telling your impact story is critical to building your brand and visibility in a crowded sector.
Unlock Impact, a platform and consultancy that partners with businesses and non-profits, brings you the Virtual Communications Ninja – an experienced resource dedicated to your organisation, without the challenges of hiring, training or managing on a day-to-day basis.

Someone who will:
* Work with you ‘virtually’ as part of your team
* Execute your communications and strategy developed and customised to your needs
* Managed through tried-and-tested tools, systems and frameworks built by Unlock Impact

Find out more about how this new and useful resource can help you amplify your impact.

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Gray Ghost Annual Report 2017


This report contains information on Gray Ghost Venture's impact measurement and financial performance, special features on some of their portfolio companies, and continued tracking of their companies against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to further evaluate the social impact of their investees.

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Agriculture (Products, Services, etc.)

Partnership for Growth: Linking Large Firms and Argo-Processing SMEs

World Bank Group, Norad, Sida, Minstry of Foreign Affairs of Finlad, and UKaid |  2018

Employing a bottom-up meets top-down framework, this report highlights the value of linking small farmers and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to modern markets and agro-industries. Utilizing public-private partnerships in emerging markets allows for the opportunity to expand ago-processing and build effective business models by facilitating new market linkages. This report also sets out a number of policy messages and recommendations that have emerged from the preparatory work undertaken in 56 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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Financial Services

Commercial Relationships between Savings Group and Financial Service Providers

SEEP, Itad, Mastercard Foundation, and UNCDF | 2018

Relations between Savings Groups (SGs) and Financial Service Providers (FSPs) have received both a great deal of attention and considerable funding. In recent years, governments, donors, civil society organizations, and businesses have recognized the critical role that access to financial services can play in the fight against poverty. Despite the high-level of attention financial inclusion has commanded, the barriers to progress are numerous. Most impoverished households have neither the assets nor the skills necessary to interact with formal institutions. This report focuses on addressing these challenges and presenting opportunities for FSPs in working with SGs.

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Financial Services

Accelerating the Flow of Funds into Early-Stage Ventures

Emory Goizuetta Business School; ANDE, The Aspen Institute, USAID, The Lemelson Foundation, Omidyat Network, Argidius, Kauffman Foundation, DOEN, and Citibanamex; Peter Roberts, Abigayle Davidson, Genevieve Edens, and Saurabh Lall | May 2018

Drawing on recent data from the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (GALI), this report examines the impact and effectiveness of accelerator programs models in supporting the ventures of promising entrepreneurs in emerging markets. The report studied 52 accelerator programs to compare the overall flow of funds from program participants to drive incremental funds, and aims to determine the most impactful programmatic models in the sector.

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Financial Services is pleased to share their latest edition of #PitchShare Ecosystem Report - #FinTech in India.

In this edition, they cover:

  • FinTech Themes
  • A snapshot of FinTech in India covering snippets on FinTech themes, category leaders and some rising stars and unheralded heroes
  • life #PitchShare featured startups
  • Expert opinion on the use of deep tech (AI/Blockchain) in financial services
  • Institutional initiatives by governments and incumbent banks/(re)insurers
  • Regulatory landscape
  • Commercial opportunities in the India – UK corridor, given the latter’s position as the global FinTech leader. #PitchShare Ecosystem Report - #FinTech in India

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Being the Change (FSG)

Many foundations are adopting new approaches for supporting social change—approaches that aim to create impact at scale and change systems.

As foundations embrace a wider variety of approaches, the roles that foundation staff members play must also change. 

Based on in-depth conversations with 114 practitioners representing 50 foundations, Being the Change explores how foundations are rethinking staff size, backgrounds, roles, and culture to better serve their ambitions for social impact. 


Being the Change - Executive Summary


Being the Change - Full Report

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