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Graymatters Capital - coLABS learning report #1
Claudius Gutemann, Graymatters Capital - coLABS learning report #1 25 Jul 2018
Gray Ghost Annual Report 2017
Claudius Gutemann, Gray Ghost Annual Report 2017 14 Jun 2018

Tackling the Sustainability Challenge

In an effort to better understand sustainability models and best practices among impact incubators and accelerators, UnLtd India has interviewed and analyzed 15 innovative entrepreneur support organizations around the world. While the sample group was constructed to draw on characteristics that were particularly relevant to UnLtd India , the findings and case studies carry broad relevance that should inform other incubators and accelerators exploring revenue model sustainability and market revenue generation. Each section of the report includes a collation of best practices for each topic drawn from these 15 accelerators. These best practices are intended to provide clear and actionable insights that are applicable to a wide range of acclerators.