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Farming as a Service (Bain & Company)
Claudius Gutemann, Farming as a Service (Bain & Company) 15 Mar 2018
Acumen Energy Impact Report 2017
Claudius Gutemann, Acumen Energy Impact Report 2017 28 Feb 2018

Toniic E-Guide

Why an E-Guide? Toniic is a global impact investor networkand platform whose members promote a sustainable economy by investing in entrepreneurs, enterprises, and funds that seek to change the world for the better. This guide brings together lessons from Toniic members and their impact investor peers, who have collectively invested tens of millions of dollars into impact enterprises worldwide. The goal of this e-guide is simple: to help those with an interest in investing in early-stage impact enterprises learn how this work is being done by their peers from wherever they are in the world. Using “The 7-Step Framework”, this guide aims to help investors, especially those exploring how impact investing compares to their current investment practice, go from learning to action as global practitioners in impact investing.