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UnLtd India - Call for Applications
Claudius Gutemann, UnLtd India - Call for Applications 24 Aug 2018
Changing the Paradigm for Energy Finance and Technology for Women
Claudius Gutemann, Changing the Paradigm for Energy Finance and Technology for Women 10 Aug 2018
Energy and Power

Bihar's first all-solar village flickers to life

DHARNAI, India – Suresh Manjhi, 30, no longer has to walk five kilometres to and from Makhdumpur, the nearest town, to charge his mobile phone, or rely on kerosene-fuelled earthen lamps for light once darkness falls. These days, the street outside his home is brightly lit at night. Read more »
Energy and Power

Cleantech in the developing world: from solar power to refrigeration

For a growing number of companies, cleantech promises innovations and opportunities at the base of the pyramid Read more »

Impact Investing in India: Poised to Grow?

Impact investments are expected to increase globally this year, with South Asia and Southeast Asia among the top target regions, according to a recent survey by JPMorgan and Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). This could bode well, in particular, for India’s nascent impact investment sector, which is one of the most active in the region. Read more »

Challenges lying ahead for impact investing

Having started as an impetus for microfinance nearly a decade ago, impact investing today influences a wide array of sectors and supports innovative business models. Over 220 ventures have raised close to $ 1 billion from impact investors, with the number of deals having gone up nearly four times from 22 in 2007 to 82 in 2013. But what makes this noteworthy is the diversity in investments, as only 12 of the 82 deals were in the MFI space in 2013. What does this signify? Definitely, better clarity and a broader outlook on what constitutes impact ventures. Read more »

Venture capitalists foray into agri-business heralds good news

It is now recognised that the world must produce more food in the next 40 years than during the entire course of human history to date. Food security in the long term and rising food prices, as the Narendra Modi government is now battling, are critical challenges, especially for emerging economies. Read more »
Financial Services

Why ‘Impact Investing’ Is The New Trend In Asian Markets

Michael Douglas' famous words from the 1987 movie Wall Street were 'Greed is good' and this quote has been the mantra for free market pundits and capitalist businessmen ever since. It worked well for them for a long time but the 2008 collapse made people realise that greed might be good, but there's definitely something out there that's even better. We might as well take the liberty of calling it 'the greater good.' Read more »

Harvard Business Publishing forays into India’s social sector through strategic alliance with Dasra

MUMBAI: The Harvard Business Publishing (HBP), a not-for-profit subsidiary of Harvard University specializing in technology enabled leadership development solutions, has joined hands with Dasra to create India's first leadership development program for social enterprises - the Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program. The program is set to begin in May and will be hosted on the campuses of Dasra's strategic partner, the American School of Bombay. Read more »
Financial Services

Impact investing likely to grow at 30% annually

Impact investing generated around $100 mn of capital in India last year, according to Rockefeller Foundation Read more »
Information, Communications, and Technology

Indian Mobile Commerce startup ‘MartMobi’ shortlisted for TechStars Chicago Accelerator

Hyderabad-based mobile e-commerce platform MartMobi has been shortlisted to join the new batch of tech startups at one of the world’s most recognized accelerator program — TechStars. MartMobi will be joining nine other startups as part of Techstars Summer 2014 class in Chicago beginning May 27th. Of the 10 startups shortlisted, six are from Chicago and one each from Miami and Nashville, and the other two international startups represent Israel and India. Read more »
Financial Services

SunFunder Hits 1000 Investor Milestone

SunFunder, the solar crowdfunding platform for impact investing, has announced a new milestone as they now have 1000 investors from 41 countries participating on their platform. Over the pas 22 months, SunFunder has captured $214,000 from non-accredited investors and 9 accredited investors who have added $450,000 to the amount via the Solar Empowerment Fund Read more »